Culture Health

Purpose of Scholarly Project

The purpose of this DNP scholarly project is to develop and pilot an evidence based SDH

education module for nurses, and to pilot a standardized SDH screening tool in the pediatric

clinical setting. This DNP project is a component of a larger national-state collaborative between

the Ohio Action Coalition (OAC), and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The

overall goal of the state-wide initiative is to increase assessment of SDH by Ohio’s nurses, in

order to improve the health of individuals based on SDH, thus advancing the Culture of Health in

Ohio. The pilot and evaluation of the DNP project components will directly inform the

finalization and spread of the SDH learning module and screening tool that will be available for

use across the state of Ohio, and available nationally through the national Future of Nursing:

Campaign for Action and RWJF. The pilot DNP project will also utilize resource cards to refer

patients to community agencies that address the identified core SDH unmet need. The resource

cards are specific to community agencies with the Cincinnati area but can be adapted to meet the

needs within other cities and communities.

Scholarly Project Objectives

There is a dynamic relationship between SDH and healthcare, including the need to

incorporate social factors into comprehensive patient assessment (Chung et al., 2016). The

nursing profession is central to this process, and has an obligation to assess and facilitate

resources based on findings related to social factors when providing healthcare. The purpose and

global aim of this study is to promote population health and health equity by identifying and

addressing SDH to improve the health and well-being of individuals, communities and

populations. The project objective and specific aims to advance the global aim goal are: (1)

increase nurses’ knowledge of SDH and the impact of SDH on health outcomes by developing

and piloting an evidenced based SDH education module and screening tool, using the five core

SDH recommended by the CMS; (2) screen at least 50% of all admissions for core social

determinants of health; and (3) appropriately refer 80% of patients who screened positive for


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