Cultural Views

MA1. List and apply criteria used to differentiate normal from abnormal behavior.
MA2. Recognize historic and cross-cultural views of abnormality.
MA3. Differentiate among major models of abnormality.
MA4. Recognize the impact of psychological disorders on the individual, family, and society.
MA5. Describe the classification of psychological disorders.
MA6. Identify the challenges associated with diagnosis.
MA 7. Identify symptoms and causes of major categories of psychological disorders (including schizophrenic, mood, anxiety, and personality disorders).
MA8. Evaluate how different factors influence an individual’s experience of psychological disorders.

MH1. Define stress as a psychophysiological reaction.
MH2. Identify and explain potential sources of stress.
MH3. Explain physiological and psychological consequences of stress.
MH4. Identify and explain physiological, cognitive, and behavioral strategies to deal with stress.

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