Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies Essay

2,500 words

AT LEAST 6 Scholarly articles for referencing 

use at least 2 of these: Freud and Psychoanalysis (e.g. the Unconscious)

• Marxism and Ideology (e.g. Economic Determinism, Contradictions in Adverts) • Gramsci and Hegemony (e.g. Commodity Fetishism)

• Foucault and Discourse (e.g. influence of Institutions on knowledge and ‘Confession’)

• Use key terms and apply the basic theories/concepts/arguments

• Select historical and contemporary cultural examples or case studies

• Form arguments and consider debates

Possible Case Study Examples for Topics to be applied to: Music? Films? TV? Internet and Websites? Social Media? Smart Phones? Text Speak? Instant Messaging? Books? Graphic Novels? Anime? Games? VR? Cards? Figurines? Theatre? Performances? Costuming? Art? Posters? Advertisements? Fashion? Clothing? Make-up? People? Food? Sports? Erotic Themes/Styles in Popular/High Culture? Confessional Talk Shows? Advice Columns? Podcasts? Apple iPhone/iPad? Diamond Industry? High Street Designer Stores? Mardi Gras, Halloween, Spring Break, Festivals? Comic-Con?, European football ‘Hooliganism’, US versus UK humour? Language? Graphic Design, Art? Video? Other Media Objects? Contemporary Developments? Topicality? Consumption? Industry Practices? Employment? Etc.?

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