Cultural Formulation

Question 1

Griffen, Mroczek, and Wesbecher (2015) describe the contextualist perspective which proposes that personality is highly malleable and susceptible to environmental influences. This perspective, does not necessarily rule out traits or broad temperamental dispositions. However, it focuses attention on life transitions and context-bound constructs such as personal goals and social skills.

Your task this week is to critically analyze how the following theorists have incorporated the criteria of personal goals, social skills, traits and temperament into their work as well as context-bound constructs.

  • George Kelly
  • Albert Bandura
  • Walter Mischel
  • Albert Ellis
  • Aaron Beck

Support your analysis with at least five references from scholarly resources.

Length: 5

Question 2

Confirmation bias represents a pervasive tendency in reasoning. Myside bias and belief bias are types of confirmation bias. For this discussion:

  • Describe confirmation bias, myside bias, and belief bias.
  • Provide an example of how people fall prey to each of these tendencies.
    • Under what circumstances do people seem to be less likely to show confirmation bias, myside bias, and belief bias?

Please include the following in your response:

  • Refer to and integrate ideas presented in the text and any supplemental readings.
  • Cite outside resources if necessary to make your point.
  • Follow APA style guidelines for citations and references.

You will be evaluated on how well you demonstrate your understanding of the ideas presented throughout the unit, including assigned readings, discussions, and independent investigations. You will also be evaluated on the quality of your work—its academic rigor, how well it shows your ability to think critically, and how completely it covers the questions asked.

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