Critical Value

1. A goodness-of-fit test involves three different categories.
a. How many degrees of freedom are associated with this test?
b. What is the critical value for χ2 at α=.05?
c. What is the critical value at α=.01?

2. 6. If a test is reliable, each subject will tend to get the same score each time he or she takes the test. Therefore, the correlation between two administrations of the test should be high. The reliability of the verbal GRE was tested using five subjects, as shown in the table below:
verbal GRE (1) verbal GRE (2)
540 570
510 520
580 600
550 530
520 520
a. What is the value of the correlation coefficient? What is the value of SP (sum of the products – numerator of the correlation coefficient)? What is the value of SSx and SSy ?
b. Is the correlation significantly different from zero? what is the critical r value?
c. calculate the regression line predicting the second exam from the first exam. What is the value of the slope what is the value of the Y intercept
d. Does the slope provide support for a significant linear relationship between exam 1 and exam 2?
SS regression =
df regression=
MS regression =
SS residual =
df residual=
SS total=
What is the critical F value?
What is your statistical decision? 

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