Critical thinking with some macro econ journals

Question description

This essay is not to be simply summaries of the readings in the designated sections, but rather your critical reactions to them. The text of the essay may not exceed 1250 words in length, including references at the end (approximately three and one-half typewritten, double-spaced pages). Longer and late papers will be penalized. Guidance sheets will be provided to help you formulate your essay.


Michael McCormack and Jeff Madrick, “We Can Have a High-Wage America,” Challenge, 61 (1), 2018: 19-41.

Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein, “Want to Attack Inequality? Reduce Unemployment,” Challenge, 57 (5), 2014: 6-


Christian E. Weller, David Madland, and Alex Rowell, “Building Middle-Class Wealth Through Unions,”

Challenge, 60 (1), 2017: 40-50.

Kevin Drum, “You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot—and Sooner Than You Think: Automation helped bring on the

age of Trump. What will AI bring?” Mother Jones, November/December 2017.

Read “You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot…” by Kevin Drum

Mark Paul, William Darity, Jr., and Darrick Hamilton, “The Federal Job Guarantee – a Policy to Achieve

Permanent Full Employment”, Policy Futures, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, March 9, 2018. Read “The Federal Job Guarantee- A Policy to Achieve Permanent Full Employment”

3 of 5 journals are in the files, and you can find other two by the link above. the last one is the guidance.

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