Critical Thinking Assignment

1.Eliza gets angry with her 5-year-old son when he does not follow her rules for proper behavior. When, at a pizza restaurant, he leaves the table without permission to watch the chef toss the dough, she punishes him for being disobedient. Based on the text discussion about the developing brain, what might be the reason for this child’s rule breaking? Again, based on the text, what should Eliza be doing as a parent?

2. Rafael, who just turned 4, is not only terrific at hitting a ball and scaling monkey bars, but he’s also incredibly well coordinated in most areas when compared to his friends. Suggest tips for Rafael’s mom to help her son nurture his abilities, then (2) speculate about Rafael’s school performance.

3. Discuss autism spectrum disorders, describing their classic symptoms and other issues related to their diagnoses.

4. Lael’s friend is thinking of getting pregnant and tells her, “Obesity runs in my family. So, I’m worried that my child will have this problem.” Based on this chapter, how might Lael respond to her friend? What suggestions might she give her friend, based on the latest epigenetic research?

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