Critical Listening Skills


Chapter 8 is about Listening, which is one of my personal favorite chapters because I think we can ALL work on becoming better listeners. Is there anyone in your life that you identify simply as being very good at listening? Any friends who you respect because of this trait? There are countless courses and classes and personal development books written to help us grow this ability and it’s one of the most important parts of communication. Pick 2 items below to discuss. This will be a great week! I look forward to reading your responses.

  1. Critical listening skill review- identify situations in which you listen ineffectively and list the poor habits you use in these circumstances. Identify your primary response style used when listening to others.
  2. In the ‘Looking at Diversity’ reading page 250, Austin Lee discusses the impacts that cultural influences can have on listening responses. Discuss an example that you experienced as a listener or behavior you demonstrated as a` communicator that involved different cultural style or response.
  3. Behavioral goal setting – demonstrate a combination of listening styles you COULD use to respond effectively in a given situation. List at least 2 examples from your text.
  4. Try the skill builder on page 265 about ‘paraphrasing practice’ with a couple of friends or family members and discuss the results. (This could be a fun one).
  5. Regarding advising, detail an experience where someone gave you advice that was very helpful. Contrast to a time when someone gave you advice that was NOT helpful and discuss ways in which you can advise others in a proactive, truly helpful way.

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