Criminology Theory

Current Event Paper

Topic is on a Criminal Justice criminological theory and explains why the offender committed the offense. Response is backed up with at least one scholarly academic article that is recent (last ten years).

. The paper ends with conclusions and recommendations. The paper is at least 4 pages in length and includes below Grading Rubic. 

Grading Rubric criteria.

Current Event – Grading Rubric

Writing 20%

– Current Event Review meets APA/Graduate School standards.

– Paper is organized; each paragraph flows logically into the next paragraph.

– Appropriate terminology it used; writing is clear and concise.

– Proper spelling and grammar is used; sentences are properly constructed.

– Title page includes article name, title, date published, name of writers(s).

– Length of the paper is 2-4 pages.

Content 80%

-A summary of the article; the main purpose of the media is discussed.

– The review includes a discussion of the main purpose (message) of the media and how well the purpose (message) was delivered.

– Strengths and weaknesses of the media are discussed in detail; specific examples are included.

– Citation from at least one (2) other source are provided to underscore the major points discussed in the review.

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