Criminal Justice Practicum

Your final practicum assignment is a portfolio comprised of four parts:

  • A final paper (instructions below).
  • Your supervisor’s evaluation (emailed in advance).
  • Your semester journal (take five photos of various pages).
  • Your outcome reflection paper.

All must be emailed to me.

I will accept no excuses and make no exceptions on this deadline.  Late final projects will receive a 15-point deduction per calendar day until I get them.  This applies also if any part of your final project is missing. 


You are to write your paper using your journal as a resource.  Papers are to be no less than 6 pages, typed, double-spaced, using a maximum 12-point font.  Margins are to be set at no more than 1 inch, right and left; and no more than 1.5 inches, top and bottom.

Papers will be graded for content and organization, as well as spelling and grammar (please make sure you check these).

Your paper must address the following (you may organize it as you wish):

  • Where you worked, and what type of work you did.
  • Practical skills and experience you feel you have gained from your


  • How your core curriculum classes prepared you, or were applied, in your internship.  Core curriculum classes are all your non-CJ courses.  You do not need to mention them all, but the more courses you can relate, the better.]
  • How your Criminal Justice classes prepared you, or were applied, to your internship experience (same as above, this should be broken down by class).
  • Whether or not you feel that the practicum was a rewarding part of your overall educational experience, and your reasons why.        

Supervisor Evaluation:

Have your supervisor email me your evaluation.

Semester Journal:

Since I cannot read your entire semester journal, email me five pictures of various journal entries.  You will be graded based on the journal entries you email me.

Outcome Reflection Paper:

  • Instructions:
    • The below four program outcomes, will in some way, be utilized by you during your Practicum internship class.  Your assignment is to write a reflection piece for all four outcomes (no less than 100 words each), where you discuss how you believe you met each outcome at your internship placement.  You may give specific on-the-job examples, and/or submit actual work that you did.  However, submission of work product will not exempt you from the 100-word narrative. 
    • All four must be completed by the due date for your final project, so you should pace yourself, and write one reflection piece every three to four weeks during the semester.
    • Your reflection paper should be 12-point font, double space.
  • Criminal Justice Program Outcomes:
    • Upon successful completion of all courses in the program, students will be able to:
      • Demonstrate an understanding of the roles of police, courts and corrections and explain the functions they serve within the criminal justice system and the community.
      • Apply principles of constitutional and criminal laws that protect the rights of and regulates the conduct of individuals in a culturally diverse society.
      • Demonstrate knowledge of theories, principles, and processes of the criminal justice system.
      • Prepare written documents and deliver oral presentations related to the criminal justice field.

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