Crime Statistics and Big Data

Part 1 (1000 words)

You are required to go onto the website (Links to an external site.) and download the crime statistics file for Liverpool, and then import it into Power BI Desktop  (it may need a bit of editing before loading).

  1. Use Power BI Desktop to produce a map that shows the incidence of crime in different areas (make use of some slicers).
  2. On another page produce some charts and tables that give some interesting insight into what the data shows.
  3. Write a report explaining what the information that you have produced in Power BI shows, and why you have used the tables and graphs etc. that you have chosen. Include screenshots of these tables and graphs in your report.
  4. You need go on the Companies House Website and download the latest accounts for Jamies Italian Restaurants. Put the P+L and Balance Sheet figures into an Excel spreadsheet and analyse these figures by calculating key ratios and by preparing relevant graphs on Excel.                                                                                                                                                                
  5. Write a report that summarises your findings about this company, and identify any indicators that might have raised alarm bells about the predicament of the company.                                                                        

Part 2 (1000 words)

 “The trend of Big Data is being propelled by enormous growth in computing power”. 

  1. What is the difference between “Big Data” and large data.     
  2. How is Big Data being used by the Government to inform their decision making?                                                                                                
  3. How is Big Data being used in the field of medicine?
  4. What effect is Big Data having on the Accountancy Profession.

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