Crime of Aggression

Question 1

“Fulfilling the long-lived dream of criminalizing aggression under the Rome Statute was essential…On the other hand, it is well-known that rays of light and dark shadows are often intrinsic in any compromise agreed upon at the end of a laborious multilateral negotiation” (M. Politi, ‘The ICC and the Crime of Aggression’ 10 JICJ (2012) 267, at 288. In light of this quotation, critically evaluate the future effectiveness of the International Criminal Court in its dealing with the crime of aggression.

Question 2

How does language affect our culture and society? Discuss.

Provide examples to support your answer and illustrations on the relevant theories.

Question 3

What happens if a company employee who is also a shareholder and or a director is negligence at work?

In what circumstances can a company be liable to its own shareholders?

What does the term “corporate veil” mean and does Australian law adequately address abuses of the corporate form – including criminal conduct?

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