Crime Mapping

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how crime can be reduced in the airport

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The title of the essay is:

“Discuss how crime within the airport setting can be reduced effectively. Illustrate your answer by using examples from specific types of crime and offending behaviour.”


• A general overview of your essay….

• Why is commercial business important to airports?

• Briefly cover the types of commercial industry to be found within the airport settings

• What structure will your essay take eg “this essay will be in three parts….”

Try and include specific examples of crime that occurs in the airport eg theft (shoplifting and employee):

Luton airport crime stats

Daily Mail How posting holiday selfie can result in BURGLARY


Think what effects crime has on the passenger experience and how it can impact on the airports.

Explain why it is important to try and prevent crime from occurring and how this can be done.

Are there any methods in place already? Evidence your examples.


You can include the things you discussed in your presentations around prevention of theft in a retail store eg crime mapping, re-design of shop layout etc

Include an explanation of the crime theories:

– Rational choice

– Routine activity

Many POP Guides make use of the 25 techniques…this will be good to include in your evidence of how crime prevention could be approached practically. 


In your conclusion bring all of your findings together…..

Have you supported your argument with research?

Remember to “Tell the reader what you’ve told them”

Cover what your research has found and form an opinion.

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