Creating Safe Spaces

Assessment 3: Applying Cultural Capabilities
It has been argued that cultural capabilities are fundamental to operating effectively in the workplace, community and the university. Cultural self-awareness, cultural intelligence and cultural capability are all required for creating safe work spaces. So to complete this task you will be drawing together all of the learning from the unit to show how it is possible to create safe spaces for people.
In assessment 2, you made connections between cultural self-awareness and cultural intelligence. Assessment 3 asks you to articulate your understanding of cultural capabilities building on these concepts in a formal written report form.
Choose a video scenario to observe and analyse from the six options provided below these instructions.
Using an excerpt from a media clip of people interacting within a ‘space’, write a report that:
• Summarises and describes observations of the interactions related to aspects of cultural capabilities in the video clip.
• Analyses (with formal references) the safe and unsafe aspects of the scenario including the physical location and interactions between actors.
And, based on the scenario shown in your chosen clip,
• Provide recommendations for creating or sustaining this scenario as a culturally safe space.

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