COVID-19 Assignment Project Guidelines 


Your team (group) has been invited by “State” Department of Health to submit a proposal for the development and implementation of a program to address the COVID-19 pandemic in a self-selected region in the United States.  The intervention should be effective, culturally appropriate, feasible. It may include interventions incorporating educational, policy, social, medical, pharmacotherapy, nutritional and/or other strategies that involve important stakeholders from local government, the community, non-governmental organizations, universities, schools, and other partners.  You must include treatment recommendations, rationale, and methodology for ensuring access to the treatment/intervention.   

 You have 1 month to develop and implement the intervention with a maximum budget of $2,000,000 USD for the duration of the program.  You will need to provide justification for your strategy in the proposal.  There are many resources available from reliable Internet sources and your places of employment. 

Describe the following 

  • Target population:
    • Who is the target population and
    • Why this population was selected. 
  • Partnerships:
    • Who are your intervention partners? 
    • Who are the stakeholders and decision makers in the community?
    • How will they be involved in the project? 
  • The cultural appropriateness, effectiveness, feasibility, and sustainability of your project. 
    • How will you monitor and evaluate your project? 
  • Timeline for your project 
  • Proposed budget for you project 

Include the following in your proposal 

  • Recommended treatment for the condition 
  • Environmental considerations 
  • Disease prevention strategies and wellness considerations to improve quality of life  

Consider the following in developing the proposal 

  • Access to health care 
  • Availability of food/nutrition recommendations  
  • Economic consequences (long or short-term) 
  • Effectiveness of the treatment options and their cost effectiveness 
  • Social benefit / return on investment 
  • Strengths, limitations, and barriers to treatment interventions 
  • APA format and style required for references.  

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