The Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis not just in terms of health and the economy but also a crisis for the leadership of many countries. Some countries have responded well to the crisis and some poorly. Central to the management of the crisis is the mass communication of those in leadership with the people they are leading.

Your task for this assignment is to monitor the communication of various world leaders (including Kuwait and other GCC countries), and document instances where crisis management communication was done well and when they were done badly. You are also welcome to evaluate the crisis communication of GUST univeristy of kuwait

You may (in fact, you are ENCOURAGED to) discuss this assignment with your friends and family but your final submission must be original, meaning it must be written in your own words. If any similarities are found with other students’ answer, both will be rejected.

Document instances of bad PR crisis management here. You may screenshot and upload examples (Tweets, posts) or simply copy/paste news items extracts here to show how some leaders of countries and/or organizations are handling the crisis badly.

For each bad example, you must say why it is poorly done (late response, cover-up, contradictory messages, etc.) Make reference to the Public Information model to justify your evaluation.

Minimum words for this section: 300 words.

Here you are to document instances of good crisis communication. Copy/paste or upload links to tweets, posts, news reports which show countries or organisation leaders doing well in terms of communicating with their audiences using the Public Information model.

Justify why you say their communication is good (timely, factual, sincere, etc.)

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