Cost of Insurance

1, What type of business is the Restaurant set up as:



C. Sole proprietorship

D. S-Corporation

2, By the time the Restaurant reaches a net profit around $90,000/year, what is the projected cost of insurance for that year?

  • Around $18,000
  • Around $8,000
  • Around $80,000
  • Around $9,000

3. 3. How many units approximately of sale are projected for the Restaurant to break even?

A. 13,000

B. 97,000

C. 130,000

D. 9,700

4. What is the company Unique Selling Proposition?

A. Offer professionally cooke meals for an upscale clientele

B. Offer upscale meals at affordable prices

C. Offer home-style meals in a home-like setting.

D. Offer fast-food style meals for delivery only

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