Correlation Analysis

  1. A researcher was interested to find out the variables that are related with ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT (grades). Below is the result of the correlation analysis. Interpret and write results.
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Gender (1 male, 2 female); Language Spoken (1-English, 2 Filipino)

Education attainment of father (1-did not finish college, 2-college graduate)
2. One-way ANOVA was performed to determine if year level affects IQ scores. Below is the result.

Interpret and write the analysis.

Screenshot from 2018-10-31 18-16-49

3. A researcher was interested to determine the prediction of LET performance. Based on the results, what factors affect LET performance. Explain the overall regression model (25 points)

Screenshot from 2018-10-31 18-17-25

(Gender 1-male, 2-female); (Type of school 1 public, 2-private); (Exam venue 1- Baguio, 2-other venue)

(Attendance to review 1-did not attend review class, 2- attended review class), (SES 1-low, 2-high),

(Highest educational attainment of father/mother-HEAF/HEAM 1-did not finish college, 2-college graduate) R2 (R squared) = .56, Adj. R2=.3456, F (8, 1488) =10.79, p<.000
4. A Factorial ANOVA was run to determine the interaction effects between gender and type of school on students’ academic performance. Below is the result, interpret and write the analysis. You can draw to better illustrate the result.

Screenshot from 2018-10-31 18-18-09

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