Corporate Culture Ideas

 Option 3: How Netflix Is Winning the War on Talent:

Read the article, take a look at Netflix corporate culture ideas, and then give us your ideas on how the Ops Center can develop and/or reinforce company culture and what you would like to see. You may also research the company and reference additional articles.

Think about our Culture here at the Ops Center and answer the following:

1. Do you like/agree with Netflix style of corporate culture? Would you like to work there?

2. Give some examples and discuss what you think our corporate culture is, and what you feel works and doesn’t work

3. Give 2 ideas for how to improve our corporate culture

4. Is corporate culture important to you? Why or why not?

 Option 4: Relevant Podcast Recommendation :

 Find, listen to and give a review of a business related podcast that is relevant to our work. Give a synopsis of the ideas discussed and how they relate to the Ops Center. Discuss some take always or new ideas that we could maybe apply here at the group, Team, Department, or Contract wide level. Give us some thought provoking questions based on this podcast that might make this useful for a future WFH opportunity. You can utilize the above links for a good starting point. 

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