Corona Virus Disease


The journal entries each week will be directly related to the topics we cover in that Module. Unlike discussion postings, these are visible only to the student writing the entry and the instructor. Other students will not be able to view journal entries. I expect that your journal entries will be original, thoughtful, and meaningful and they should be well written with correct grammar and structure. Please support your journal entries with ideas from our discussions, news articles, and other academic sources of your choosing. Your entries should be in the range of 400-500 words (longer is fine if you want to elaborate on a point but short and concise can also be good). They will be due before the start of our next class.

Here is this week’s Journal topic:

The World Health Organization faced a lot of criticism in the early days of the pandemic. What were some of the primary challenges they faced? Was the decision by President Trump to withdraw the U.S. from the WHO justified (given what we knew at the time)?

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