Core Literacy Skills

Question 1

1. Describe what you believe to be the 3 most important practices associated with DAP and how these influence children’s early childhood experiences.

2. In what ways is language essential to all societies and cultures?

3. How are oral language competencies related to the development of literacy? Give examples to support your answer.

4. What are the core literacy skills and how can they be integrated into a play-based program? Describe in detail.

Question 2

For this assignment you will be assigned two of four vignettes and you will have to respond to whether you would or would not report or how you would each “suspected” incidence of abuse. You should respond in a discussion format and then you should respond to at least three of your classmates posts. Both your post and response should be clear and thorough. 

Question 3

1. Think about a sensory experience that you particularly enjoy (particular smell, hot bath, sand on bare feet. What do you think of as you recall this experience? What might be some implications of this memory for working with young children, particularly students with special needs?

2. Search for kid-friendly websites that teach the five senses (touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste). What are some fun facts that you came across in your search? Trivia: Which of these senses are most related to memory?

3. Discuss the linkage of neurodevelopment to subsequent behavior in young children.

4. Discuss potential factors that could affect typical development. Be sure to note which factors are positive and which ones are negative.

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