Contrast Essay

Question 1

You’re sailing around the world on your own private sailboat, and you have an immense library of books since wi-fi in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is unreliable at best. For a variety of reasons, your sailboat is taking on water, and you have just a few minutes to retrieve essentials that will help you survive on a nearby island.

Understanding the possibility that you could be stranded by yourself on this island for an extended period of time, you decide you have enough room in your backpack to place 3 books into sealed plastic bags and take them with you.

Which 3 books do you decide to rescue and why?

Question 2

Write a compare and contrast essay on 2 characters Hawkeye and Uncas in “The last Mohicans”. Include at least 2 citation.

Question 3

Using your knowledge from your own background and experience, what connections can you draw to your life from the segments you listened to this week? Compare and contrast any misconceptions you found out you had and identify any information you knew, but did not get confirmation for until now.

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