Continuum of Care Presentation

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Download and save the Week 3 Assignment Template. Use the template to create a succinct and engaging PowerPoint presentation. Include the following:

  • Title slide
  • Introduction slide
  • 5–7 content slides*
    • Describe the patient you have selected (including his or her health problem/injury) and identify the geographic area where this patient is located.
    • Analyze the continuum of care, including specific services the patient may require from three or four actual settings.
    • Describe a potential challenge related to payment for services this patient may encounter.
    • Explain why professionals in your selected settings need to be aware of the six Institute of Medicine Aims.
  • References slide
    • Include all resources (a minimum of 4) used to develop your presentation and follow APA guidelines.
  • Investigate the healthcare organizations in your local area. Based on the services your hypothetical patient needs, select three or four actual settings in which he/she would receive care.
  • Next, gather information related to the types of insurance each organization accepts. Typically, this would include Medicare, Medicaid, and various types of insurance programs. What challenges related to payment for services do you anticipate your selected patient may experience?
  • Review the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2014) resource and consider what it means for healthcare to be safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable. Based on your hypothetical patient’s needs, analyze why professionals in healthcare settings need to be aware of the six Institute of Medicine Aims.…

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