Contingency Approach

Question 1     [25 Marks]
Recently the Industrial Psychologist at Orrow Ltd implemented a psychological well-being survey using the Ryff’s Psychological Well-Being Scales (summarized version) assessment tool. The employees were asked to indicate their degree of agreement to the following sentences (using a score ranging from 1-6, with 1 as strongly disagree and 6 as strongly agree). The questionnaire below was completed by an employee named Von Ranke who joined the company 6 months ago.
Use the response by Von Ranke to answer the following questions:

Screenshot from 2018-10-05 17-10-39

a) Based on the survey findings above, compile a report in which you identify and thoroughly discuss the different domains of wellness displayed by Von Ranke.    (15 marks)
HINT: Use Von Ranke`s responses to support your answer
b) Envision yourself as the Industrial Psychologist, identify and recommend the different interventions that can be implemented by the HR officer to assist Von Ranke to improve his functioning at work.     (10 marks)
Question 2     [20 Marks]
“No individual or group operates in isolation from one another or the
a) With specific reference to the systems theory, critically discuss the significance of the statement above in relation to how the various systems should function synergistically towards attaining organisational goals.    (10 marks)
b) With the aid of practical examples, examine the practicality of the contingency approach in an open organisational structure.     (10 marks)

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