Continental Plates

Question 1

Which of the following is a good example of a cultural hazard to public health?

a.During an earthquake in Japan, people are killed by falling pieces of a building.

b.Air pollution near an oil refinery releases known carcinogens into the air.

c.People living in southern Africa face some of the highest risks of developing tuberculosis.

d.Eating a high-fat diet and engaging in little exercise, a man increasingly becomes obese.

Question 2

The thinning of the troposphere away from the equator is primarily a result of: masses moving towards the poles

b.shifting of the continental plates due to plate tectonics

c.differences in solar energy striking the Earth

d.the number of clouds in the mesosphere and thermosphere

Question 3

In a Hadley cell:

a.warm air rises and cool air falls air rises and warm air falls

c.warm water rises and cool water falls water rises and warm water falls

Question 4

   _________   are alternative chemical configurations of a given compound.





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