Contemporary Examples

answer each question with half page single spaced.


Is religion a source of violence and conflict or is it a source of positive cohesion

and change? Take a stand and argue your perspective with material from Johnstone’s

book or the lectures. Be sure to include specific examples of each.


Using as your source the movie “The Mission” use the facts presented to back up

your argument as to whether the Church in the early Americas was a positive contribution

to indigenous people or had a negative impact on these early societies. Be sure to

describe the difference between the States’ purpose and the Church’s purpose in

contacting these peoples.


How did the early religious groups in America lay the basis for the American

capitalistic ethic for all future Americans? Give at least 5 characteristics that these early

settlers embody and trace their roots from the earliest days of the American experience.


Describe how Weber arrived at the concept of an “iron cage”, to describe the

modern pursuit of capital. How is it different from earlier ideas of work? Include

examples of modern day bureaucratization in jobs.

5. What are Lawrence Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development? Explain how each

stage differs from the preceding stage and give examples of each.

6. Identify and explain James Fowler’s Stages of Faith using contemporary examples of

individuals, groups or religions. What are the benefits and problems associated with

defining faith in this way?

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