Construction Work Zone

A highway employee performed a regression analysis of the relationship between the number of construction work-zone fatalities and the number of unemployed people in a state. The regression equation is Fatalities = 12.7 + 0.000114 (Unemp). Some additional output from the regression analysis is given below:

Predictor Coef. SE Coef. T test P-value

Constant 12.7 8.115 1.57 0.134

Unemp. 0.000114 0.00002896 3.93 0.001

Analysis of Variance

Source DF SS MS F-test P-value

Regression 1 10354 10354 15.46 0.0001

Residual Error 18 12054 670

Total 19 22408

a. How many subjects  were used in the sample?

b. Determine the standard error of estimate.

c. Determine the coefficient of determination.

d. Determine the coefficient of correlation.

e. At the .05 significance level, does the evidence suggest there is a positive association between fatalities and the number unemployed? Use a test of hypothesis to substantiate your claim.

f. What is the standard error of estimate? Describe with an example.

g. What are the coefficients of the linear regression model and what do they mean?

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