Confucian Origins

Question 1


Discuss the Confucian origins of Chinese and Japanese business and accounting. In view of recent events (i.e. post-2005) in accounting regulation and corporate governance, which country, if either, is drifting further from its Confucian origins?

My part:

Recent event in China from post to 2005

• 2 – 3 relevant events are recommended to trace how the system developed over years

• Interpreting the difference between the origin and the current.

• More than 3 references are recommended to support the viewpoint.


All the work must be original!

Turnitin report is required.

Any kind of plagiarisms will not be tolerated

Question 2

Advertisements for a gingerroot tea claim that it treats heart burn naturally by neutralizing as much acid as a Rolaids tablet. To determine if the claim is fraudulent and prior to accepting this claim, what type of evidence would you like to see? Provide details of an investigative design.

Caution: The claim is not that the tea is as good at treating hart burn!

-include references.

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