Condition of Autism

Consider examples of short-term memory loss: of entering a room and forgetting your reason for doing so. Also consider distortions of perception and attention.

Individuals can experience difficulty recognizing an object, focusing their attention, or maintaining their short-term memories. Such examples are routine: they occur among many individuals whose brain function resides within the realm of “normal.”

Consider the potential effects on perception, attention, and short-term memory function by damage to different areas of the brain. Also consider the notion that these processes are core elements of higher-level cognitive functions such as language, capacity for abstract thought, and ability to construct plans. These critical brain activities depend on perception, attention, and memory.

For this Application Assignment, you explore effects of psychological and traumatic conditions on cognitive functioning.


  • Consider the condition of autism and do some quick scholarly research on the topic
  • Provide a brief overview of Autism
  • Explain the nature of the condition in terms of how the following cognitive functions of perception, attention, and short-term memory may be affected among those diagnosed with Autism
  • Explain the effects of medications and other treatment strategies and how they may help with the cognitive functions of perception, attention, and short-term memory.

Support your response using at minimum of 3 scholarly references. APA Format. 5-7 pages.

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