Concepts and Methods

Consider how this short talk by Alan Watts draws on Hindu and/or Buddhist thought:

1). Do you think Watts is discussing primarily Hindu concepts or primarily Buddhist concepts? Explain what concepts of the tradition(s) you think Watt’s is drawing on.

2). Give some examples that help defend your view of which religion is most represented in this video.

3). Which definition of “you” do you think Watts is relying on, Atman or Anatta? Explain.

4). What is your own understanding of what “you” fundamentally are? How does it differ or align with the ideas of the self found in Hinduism and Buddhism?

Instructions and Important Information

Your response should be a minimum of two pages in length.

The rubric used to grade this assignment is below these instructions. Please review the rubric before beginning your assignment. This can save you a lot of time and heartache!

Format your paper using MLA style. At the very least, double-space, use a 12pt font, and 1-inch margins.

Properly cite any sources used in assignment.


All prompts are responded to and the responses are supported by thorough explanation and interesting, creative, or original examples.

Concepts, practices, terminology, and major figures relating to the assignment are accurately identified, described, and explained in a clear and thorough way.

The assignment demonstrates clear and thorough analysis of the concepts and problems involved and a clear, thorough, and creative explication of original thought regarding the ideas and issues discussed.

Assignment requirements have been met and there are no issues with formatting, sources cited, or page length.

The assignment is excellently structured, coherent, and fluid. There are no grammatical or spelling errors.

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