Computing Products

TechyCo is a large, multinational corporation headquartered in West London in the UK. The company provides a wide range of computing products through several different divisions and was very proud to be named one of the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces in 2016. Some of their most popular products include TechyCo’s office software products, games consoles, and other hardware such as servers.
In recent years, the company has revamped its recruitment, employer branding, and employee well-being strategies. This is due to competition from companies like Google and Microsoft which has made the battle for top talent even more challenging. The use of social media is now the leading method used for recruitment. TechyCo’s old online recruiting presence had become somewhat outdated and was difficult for jobseekers to navigate. They suffered from ‘content overload’ and a lack of an organised, central careers hub.

TechyCo has, therefore, began a major recruitment overhaul. The foundation of this recruitment initiative is made up of key business and marketing goals such as creating a consistent global message, managing their own employer brand and improving user experience. TechyCo now takes a global approach to recruitment, rather than having different careers sites for different countries and even different business units within the same country. The new and improved TechyCo careers site is easy to navigate and the company’s online presence also includes channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube in order to engage, impress and inspire potential job candidates. In 2017 TechyCo increased new recruits by 200% and improved retention rates and the company is expecting continuous improvement as the social recruitment techniques and tools get more sophisticated. Next year, they plan to review selection methods, training and development and rewards to help improve retention levels still further.
Recruitment was not TechyCo’s only major initiative last year. It held a number of events designed to help raise awareness of health issues and improve employees’ overall wellbeing. The belief is that the healthier employees are the more productive. The main reasons for employees’ days off due to sickness were found to be: back and neck pain, coughs and colds and psychological reasons, such as stress, anxiety and depression; therefore, TechyCo has focused on these.

The company now offers ergonomic workstation assessments to help ensure employees are correctly positioned at their desks, thus minimising the risk of repetitive strain injury and injuries caused by poor posture. The firm also has on-site physiotherapy services that can diagnose and treat minor problems before they become worse. While it is not possible to stop workers picking up coughs and colds, TechyCo believes that encouraging healthy eating to boost immunity by offering free fruit, is a start, as is offering flu vaccinations.
Prepare a report that addresses the following:
Task 1 – 17 Marks
“Employee welfare isn’t just a ‘nice idea’ any more…it’s a bottom-line issue.” Cooper, C. (2015).
Assess how a greater focus on employee well-being could improve productivity at TechyCo.
Task 2 – 15 Marks
TechyCo now proposes to increase the use of assessment centres as part of its approach to recruiting graduates and other specialists.
Assess the extent to which using an assessment centre approach is likely to increase the possibility of securing the best available candidates.
Task 3 – 16 Marks
Explore the advantages and disadvantages of TechyCo of investing in a training and development programme, rather than simply relying on its enhanced recruitment approach to secure the skills the business needs.
Task 4 – 16 Marks
Outline why a strategic approach to reward and recognition might be helpful at TechyCo and identify the factors that influence the approach to be taken.
Task 5 – 15 Marks
Advise TechyCo’s Human Resources team how an effective approach to workforce/HR planning might support the company’s recruitment.
Task 6 – 16 Marks
Explain why the concept of employer branding has been able to contribute to TechyCo’s success in recruitment and retention.

Task 7 – 5 Marks
Combine your findings into a single, written case study report for your tutor that is properly structured and contains:
• Title page
• Table of contents
• Main body of the case report
• References and bibliograph

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