Comprehensive Literature Review


A farmer in Saskatchewan harvested 1 Section (which is 640 acres) of wheat and 2 sections of barley. The total yield of grain for both areas was 99 840 bushels. The wheat sold for $ 6.35 /bushel and the barely sold for $ 2.70/bushel. The farmer received $ 363 008 for both crops.

(a) What was the yield of each section in bushels/acre?

(b)Some farmers use hectares instead of acres or sections to measure area. One acres is 0.4047 ha. Would you have to write and solve a different linear system to determine the yield in bushels/hectare? Explain.


 Remember, one of the most difficult marketing decision facing companies is how much to spend on promotion. Thus, it is not surprising that industries and companies vary considerably in how much they spend on promotion. Promotional expenditures might amount to 30 to 50% of sales in the cosmetics industry and from less than 5% in the industrial sector. There are four common methods that companies use to decide their promotion budgets.

They are the affordable method, the percentage-of-sales method, the competitive-parity method and the objective-and-task method. Find a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article (published within the last 5 years) on a topic of promotion budgets. Cite and summarize the article in your initial post. 

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