Comprehensive Authentic Assessment Plan Deliverables

Comprehensive Authentic Assessment Plan Deliverables

A: Executive Summary (ES)

Background Information for World-Wide Trading Company

World-Wide Trading Company (WWTC) is a large online broker firm in the Singapore. The trading company has a staff of 9,000 who are scattered around the globe. Due to aggressive growth in business, they want to establish a regional office in New York City. They leased the entire floor of a building on Wall Street. You were selected as a contractor (your group) to build a state of the art high availability, secure network. The President of the company asked you to set up the state of the art network by end of this year.  He shared with you the organizational structure and a list of the 100 employees. The current floor of the new site is solid and gigabit network can be set up on existing network wiring. Also, the existing power supply will meet the client’s current and future demand.  The President has required these business goals:

Business and Technical Goals

Increase revenue from 5 billion to 35 billion in three to four years

Reduce the operating cost from 28 to 16 percent in two to three years by using an automated system for buying and selling.

Provide secure means of customer purchase and payment over Internet.

Build a high availability, moderate confidentiality and moderate integrity unclassified network (based on The National Institute of Standards and Technology- NIST)

Build a classified network with high confidentiality, moderate integrity, and moderate availability (based on NIST)

Allow employee to attach their notebook computers to the WWTC network and wireless Internet services.

Provide state of the art VoIP and Data Network

Provide faster Network services

Provide fast and secure wireless services in the lobby, conference rooms (100×60), and the cubical areas.

On the basis of these business goals, your group is responsible for designing, configuring, and implementing a fast, reliable and secure networks (classified and unclassified).


Propose a Network design that solves the current security audit problems (see security sections), to meet business and technical goals. You are also required to provide a modular, scalable network.  Provide redundancy at building core layer and building distribution layer and access layer and at workstation level to avoid failure at one point.  For Building Access layer provide redundant uplinks connection to Building Distribution layer.

Select appropriate Cisco switch model for each part of your enterprise campus model design from the Cisco Products Link, and use the following assumptions in your selection process.

Selecting the Access layers switches:

Provide one port to each device

Make provision for 100% growth

Server farm switches

Assume 6 NIC cards in each server and one NIC card uses one port of switch

Dual processors and dual power supply

Propose an IP addressing redesign that optimizes IP addressing and IP routing (including the use of route summarization). Provide migration provision to IPv6 protocol in future.

Propose a High Level security plans to secure key applications and servers but encryption of all application is not acceptable.  Develop security policy to stop sniffing and man-in-the-middle attack.  Your security plan must be based on current industry standards. Multilayer security or defense-in-depth.

Integrate voice and data network to reduce cost. For dialing outside, the World-Wide Trading Company proposes a plan for 100% connectivity with a minimum number of outside lines.  For telephone requirements, see the Organization Chart and Telephone Equipment Table.

Provide state of the art VoIP and Data Network.

Provide aggregate routing protocols with hierarchical IP scheme.

Centralize all services and servers to make the network easier to manage and more cost-effective.

Provide LAN speed minimum 100 MB and Internet speed minimum 54 MB.

Provide wireless network access to network users and guest users with a minimum 54 Mbps of bandwidth. (You can assume that site survey is done and no sources of interference or RF were discovered.)

Provide provisions for video conference and multicast services.

Standardize on TCP/IP protocols for the network. Macintoshes will be accessible only on guest notebook but must use TCP/IP protocols or the Apple Talk Filling Protocol (AFP) running on top of TCP.

Provide extra capacity at switches so authorized users can attach their notebook PCs to the network

Install DHCP software to support notebook PCs

The World-Wide Trading Company will use the following applications/services:

Microsoft Office 365 plan (Office 2016, Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, One Drive, and Skype for Business)

Sending and receiving e-mail

Accessing the library card-catalog

File Server application.

Adobe Pro

Secure Zip

Associate will use the following Custom Applications

Market Tracking Application. This application will provide real-time status of stock and bond market to brokers and their clients.

Stock and Bond Analytical Application. This application will provide analysis of stock and Bond to Brokers only.

On Line Trading. The Company wishes to train new clients in online trading to attract new customer. The Company will sign up new client to receive streaming video and instructions

Assume any information (with proper justification) which you think is missing and critical to the development of the design.

WWTC Security:

WWTC has strong security requirements to ensure strong authentication, data confidentiality and separations between internal protected server and public server.

The security design must ensure:

Internet connectivity and any other unclassified network must be physically separate from the network

E-mail appropriately used to communicate business sensitive information.

Confidential business information and public data are not connected to the same physical network.

the use of two-factor authentication mechanism is enabled.

Sensitive business information must not be transmitted in clear text between server and client


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