Competition Database

Project Description
Online car competition is a web application that gives people the chance to elect the best car.
The car competitors should register on this site and add the description of their car in this web site. The description could be text description, photos and videos. The posted car in the competition is voted by the users of the site.
Also the website provides many functions such as: organize events, answers questions and exchange experience.
Project Tasks
1. Read the document Online car competition:

  •  The functional requirements, give you the idea what are the functionalities of the application
  •  The Use Case Description and Scenarios: By reading the section “Input” of
    each use case scenario, you will know the names of some attributes.
  •  Implementation chapter: The screens will help you to see that the data that your system needs.

2. Draw the Entity relationship model
3. Draw the relational model
4. Use any Database System (MS Access, or any free Database system) to create Online car competition database

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