Company Example


Response time that customers are willing to tolerate has become an important issue in e-commerce. To address this challenge companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Target are reworking their supply chain. Use this discussion board to identify how companies are tackling this change. Include a specific company example, describe the supply chain issues involved, and your thoughts on the potential of its success and other alternatives that could be more successful. Cite outside sources to support your thoughts.

How Discussion Boards Are Graded

Discussion boards will be open for four days. You are to make two posts that add to the discussion.

Day 1 and 2. The initial post. (Maximum 17 points) Make your initial post. You will not be able to see what other students have posted until you make your initial post. Your post is to insightful and fully address the question. For full points you will need to support your comments with two outside sources. The textbook does not count as an outside source.

  • Grammar counts. Use Grammarly when writing your posts.
  • Outside sources should be cited within the comments (Name, Date) and with a proper APA 6 formatted reference at the end.
  • All posts should be respectful and polite.

Rubric for grading

Post 1 (Maximum points: 17)

  • Maximum points: 5 – Post is made during the first or second day the discussion board is open
  • Maximum points: 7 – Post is well thought out and exhibits knowledge of the topic
  • Maximum points: 4 – At least two outside sources are used and cited
  • Maximum points: 1 – Grammar (1 point will be deducted for each error in spelling and grammar)

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