Company Culture

A task as per prescriptor:

This assessment is designed to assess your understanding the firm’s human resource strategies, requiring you to investigate its suitability in supporting an organization to achieve its strategic objectives.


  1. The Company would be assigned to you by the tutor in the class.
  2. Acomprehensiveoverviewof the organisation including history, background, product & service, organisational structure and organisational operations
  3. Critically analyse company’s existing objectiveswith evidences and justifications
  4. Critically evaluate company’s existing business strategywith evidences and justifications
  5. Identify and discuss the company’s current human resource strategy/practices/polices with evidences
  6. Analysethe relationship between company’s HRstrategy/practices/policiesand the

Business strategyas discussed in the textbook/ literature/ class discussion.

  1. Describe how the integrated HR strategy/practices/policies contribute to the achievementof the organisational objectives and what it fails toaddress?
  2. Discuss company’s culture(by using any two models from the slides presented in the class Week 5)
  3. Evaluate the linkbetween the HR strategy/policies/practices, organisational culture and organisational structure
  4. From your analysis, discuss the implications for the HR managers and recommendations.

Support your discussions with a variety of authentic resources. Please provide at least ten resources in your article. These resources must be properly referenced using the APA approach.

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