Community Resources


Description of assignment:

1-Read the case entitled, Contested Territory: Parents and Teachers Wrestle for Power in an Urban Neighborhood School Located within a Gentrifying Community.”  The case is from page 2 to page 10 and you can find some data about school in page 11 and 12.

2-Using the Modified Hanson framework , perform the five step case analysis within the topical area of Community Relations:

Step 1: Summarize the case

Step 2: State the problem within the context of topics/issues addressed (i.e. discuss impact) – Community Relations.

Step 3: List specific information: People (list data) – Program (list data) – Place (list data)

Step 4: Review, prioritize and locate the significant data.

Step 5: Refer to the data in solving the problem and in responding to the case study Questions (Action Plan). 

3-In the solutions portion of your analysis (Step 5), discuss specific ways that the principal may do the following to address the issue at hand:

  • Collaborate with Families and Other Community Members
  • Respond to Community Interests and Needs
  • Mobilize Community Resources

4- Cite your references.

This case study is related to :

ELCC Standards Addressed for School-Based Leadership:

Standard 4.0: Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by collaborating with families and other community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources.

4.1 Collaborate with Families and Other Community Members

Candidates demonstrate an ability to bring together the resources of family members and the community to positively affect student learning.

4.2 Respond to Community Interests and Needs

Candidates demonstrate active involvement within the community, including interactions with individuals and groups with conflicting perspectives.

Candidates demonstrate the ability to use appropriate assessment strategies and research methods to understand and accommodate diverse school and community conditions and dynamics.

Candidates provide leadership to programs serving students with special and exceptional needs.

Candidates demonstrate the ability to capitalize on the diversity (cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, and special interest groups) of the school community to improve school programs and meet the diverse needs of all students.

4.3 Mobilize Community Resources

Candidates demonstrate an understanding of and ability to use community resources, including youth services, to support student achievement, solve school problems, and achieve school goals.

Candidates demonstrate how to use school resources and social service agencies to serve the community.

Candidates demonstrate an understanding of ways to use public resources and funds appropriately and effectively to encourage communities to provide new resources to address emerging student problems.

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