Community Property

Question 1

(Brief Zuni Trribe case begins middle of page 132). Prepare a case brief of this case and bring it to class. As we discussed Thursday, a case brief in this class should consist of the following parts:

  • Name of case
  • Facts (Around 100-150 words usually)
  • Issue (This is a question — or sometimes 2 or 3 questions— that can be answered with a yes or no)
  • Holding (This is the yes or the no answer to the Issue)
  • Reasoning (Usually around 250 or more words – This is the most important part).

Question 2

A. If you were to purchase property, how do you think you would hold title (severalty, community property, joint tenancy, etc.) and why?

B. Explain the difference between an Estate from Period-to-Period.

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