Community Newsletter

Family and Community Newsletter

This Assignment assesses the following course outcome:

CE499-2: Child, Family, and Community Relationships: Develop, plan, and implement strategies for building family and community relationships. (BSEC-2)

This week, you will develop a newsletter to meet the objective of building family and community relationships. Reflect on what you have learned in your degree plan in this area and apply this knowledge to your newsletter.

This newsletter should be professionally presented and contain helpful tips for the parents with whom you work or with whom you expect to work. You will have the opportunity to choose your area of focus. Some topics could include: supporting children at home, literacy development, promoting positive behavior.

Your newsletter should include the following:

  1. A welcome that introduces the topic you will address and coveys a warm and welcoming message to parents and families.
  2. Strategies to support parents or student learning at home.
  3. At least two community resources in your newsletter that could benefit parents.

Be sure to use the Unit 5 Assignment Template in Course Documents and proofread your work: you should have no spelling or grammar errors. You are not required to use APA format for this Assignment. However, your newsletter should be professionally and neatly presented. Include pictures or other graphics to make the newsletter appealing.

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