Community Building

Question 1

This is a video group project to persuade incoming freshmans in to a college. A **SCRIPT** must be made/done. The following topics/concepts/offers must be addressed in the script: clubs, programs, dorms, campus (college is a campus), sports, workshops, tuition (afforable tuition), study abroad, community building, food panties, library ( has 3 floors and the librarians are useful and helpful to write research papers). Please section them, example : Sports – then write what the person will say and inform. Must be fun and persuasive. ( this is like a writing a script for a commercial). Like a plain-folk pitch commercial. No citations needed. This is just to have a script for students in the group to act and persuade.

Question 2

create a story (life lesson) in one page make fully structured story including appendix description of the story characters and the environment

write a script of the story that will fit in 10 storyboard . the story should be interesting and action



2-description of the story characters and the environment


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