Communications Networks

Question 1

Technology in communication can be broadly defined as the use of techniques that can make transfer of data from one node to other in a viable, secure, quick and economically sound manner. This need can be satisfied by introducing a new technology in the market or improving the prevailing Technology.

Discuss the following technology and write a report (of 2000 to 3000 words), by making use of the sections below.

(60 marks)

  •  Technology in terms of Data Communication
  •  Cloud Computing
  •  Voice Over IP
  •  4G LTE
  •  Fibre Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
  •  5G: The Future of Communications Networks

Question 2

Choose an article from any newspaper or internet related to workplace stress. Assess how stress affects human at the workplace based on a selected theory of stress and provide recommendations for reducing workplace stress.

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