Communication To Patients

Question Description

The medical office is a place for patients to seek medical care. In this type of setting, some patients may encounter stress from their medical conditions and the experience of visiting a medical office. For this reason, medical doctors may not discuss fees with patients, and the responsibility of collecting fees becomes part of the medical administrative assistant’s duties.undefined

Review this video: Using the 8 Steps to a Good Collection Call to Overcome a Common Patient undefined

Explore the importance of communicating with patients concerning fees.undefined

Include the following aspects in the discussion:undefined

  • Summarize the techniques shown in the video to assist in communicating with clients who owe fees
  • Discuss areas demonstrated in this video that you think will be difficult for you to communicate
  • Empathy for the client situation and respect are fundamental to all communication, even regarding owed fees.
  • Reflect on how you might ensure that you always provide these.

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