Communication Readings



1: Why Public Speaking Matters Today (Links to an external site.)

3: Speaking Confidently (Links to an external site.)

4: The Importance of Listening (Links to an external site.)

14: Delivering the Speech* (Links to an external site.)

*As you read the section about speech notes: I don’t completely agree with the number of notes the book suggests.  I follow this rule: One speech note per minute of the speech. To me this is more helpful when the speech is lengthy, dense, and has more than three main points.

You can access the complete book  (Links to an external site.)online (

How to Navigate the textbook:

  • Scroll down to “Read Book”, then use the “Contents” drop-down menu on the upper left side of the page to find the chapter and sections of each chapter.   
    • Make sure to use the red, left-hand “Next” within the book to navigate through the chapters!
  • I suggest downloading the book file in the event you ever don’t have internet access.  

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