Communication Action Plan


IPv6 is the latest Internet protocol, replacing the IPv4. Although IPv6 is superior to IPv4 in several respects, its implementation requires new hardware and software technologies and expertise and, thus, financial investment. As a newly hired IT manager, you are proposing the implementation of IPv6. Discuss the argument that you would make to convince the management to approve your proposal. In responses to your peers, please discuss some issues migrating to IPv6 may cause.


Please write a 5 paragraph essay using MLA. Include the name Owalo in the header. The essay should be between 550-650 words and include 3 references from peer-reviewed scholarly articles. References should not be more than 5 years old. Refer to OWL citation lab for guidelines on how to write and cite a paper in MLA.


Describe the importance of international capital structure. What risks can you identify when working with cash, credit and inventory management? Provide your rationale and any supporting data. 

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