Communicable Diseases

Question 1

Over the last decade in the United States, the number of young children not fully vaccinated for communicable diseases has grown. What do you feel is the cause of this development, and should parents have the right to opt out of having their children vaccinated but still send their children to public school? Why or why not?

Reminder: To earn full credit, the initial post must support assertions with evidence from authoritative sources, cited in APA format.

Please remember that the minimum word count is 200 words for the initial post, and 150 words for each response post. Response posts should bring in new facts and evidence to advance the discussion while engaging with the other students’ ideas.

Question 2

Research children’s health issues, focusing on environmental factors and links to poverty. The assessment of environmental processes includes agents and factors that predispose communities and populations to injury, illness, and death. What correlations did your research show between environmental and health issues in the school-aged child? Make sure to include references to the article(s) you consulted. (about 300 words).

Question 3

How can being raised in a binational or multi-cultural household play a role in the health of a child?

How does growing up in a single parent household impact a child’s health?

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