Common Compliance Issues

As the Contract Officer, you know it is time to assemble a team to manage compliance of the contract. Create a PowerPoint presentation based on the scenario you created to bring the team you have assembled up-to-date on what has occurred thus far. 

Prepare a twelve to twenty 12 content slides PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes in which you:

Analyze the importance of roles and responsibilities of contracting officers and administrators.

Identify the various options of administrative and judicial processes available and select the appropriate process to 
resolve the dispute.

Analyze the importance of improving methods of creating contract schedules and using a compliance matrix in government contract situations.

Present ideas for brainstorming with your team in order to develop a policy that explains the role the Contract Officer should have played in the dealings between the government and the contractor, from the time the contract was awarded through completion of the work. 

Recommend three (3) best practices (one [1] from each section presented on Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative [COTR], voucher processing, and contract closeout) that will lend insight into ensuring that the contracting process moves smoothly through financing, administration, and closeout of the contract.

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