Commercial and Marketing

Super Bowl LIII (53): Commercials and Marketing Effectiveness

The Super Bowl is the most watched American TV spectacle, and every year, companies allocate massive amounts of money and energy to make spectacular commercials aimed at creating titanic impressions and buzz.

It’s also one of the most important and expensive events for marketing companies and brands to shine and build maximum brand equity. 


1. Watch the Super Bowl commercials, either before, “live” or after the game!!

2. Make a list and rank your TOP 5 Super Bowl commercials. 

3. Pick your (one) favorite 2019 Super Bowl commercial and answer the following eight questions.

4. Type your answers into this document (keep my question headings, but NOT all of the INSTRUCTIONS). 

5. Save your file with the following file format: YourLastname HW1SuperBowl

6. Submit on Canvas as a file by 9:00pm on Friday Feb 8

Three potential sources of information

1. Kellogg Northwestern Super Bowl Ad Review


Since its debut in 1989, the USA TODAY Ad Meter has featured many amazing Super Bowl commercials.


Super Bowl LIII (53): Commercials and Marketing Effectiveness

Student Name: 

SID: ________________ 

2. What was your favorite Super Bowl 2019 commercial?

Name the company/cause, describe the ad, the brand, and basic message.

What particularly did you like about the ad?

 3. What was the target market and how was this market shown in the ad? Describe the demographic and psychographic characteristics you think the ad targets.  Explain why you think this.

4. Why you think the advertiser has targeted this group and selected the Super Bowl (at $5- $5.5 million per 30secs) to do so?
What consumer needs were identified?

 5. Do you think this advertisement is effective at gaining the attention of the target audience?  Explain why or why not.

6. Did the ad present a call to action by the consumer or merely try to present the brand?  If the ad did call for customer action, what action was called for?

7.  Which of the three sources of information did you find most appropriate for marketing information and why?

1. Kellogg Northwestern Super Bowl Ad Review



8. Find one news article published after January 10 2019, in a reputable business source (Bloomberg, Wall St Journal, Forbes etc) related to Super Bowl 2019 Commercials.

A. Record the author, title, date and source.

B. Include a hyperlink to the article (so I can click on the link and read the article).

C. Write three sentences about the article and its relevance to marketing. 

For example

Craig Giammona

CBS Rejects Super Bowl Ad for Medical Marijuana

January 22, 2019


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