Com Law

1.        Write an Essay on Each of the Following Questions. Please make sure your answers are relevant. A maximum limit of 1000 words per essay. Relate the topic to actual amendments and constitution rights. Then justify it and explain your views.

A group of Individuals sought to handout literature regarding their anti-Obama opinions at a local shopping mall. The mall denied them this right. Have their Constitutional rights been violated? Explain in depth

2. The hare Krishna group desired to distribute flyers and solicit donations at a state fair by walking amongst the fair attendees. The fair organizers told them they could not unless they were confined to a booth. The Krishna members argues that freely mingling with the public attendees,distributing flyers and soliciting donations was an important and compelling part of their religion. They sue the fair organizers. Write about the court’s opinion. Justify and explain in depth.

3.  The city of New York, through the Mayor’s office has created the NY Media Alliance. The agency seeks to grant endowments to support the arts. They created standards by which the endowment applications would be judged. The standards state that, “In the context of making judgements they NYMA would consider such things as: decency, respect for diversity, artistic excellence and artistic worth in deciding who would receive the endowments. Al’s application is denied because the NYMA felt his artwork was indecent,degrading to women and lacked artistic worth and excellence. He sues. What is the likely outcome and why.

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