Clothing Styles

Question 1

As you know, CARDWARE likes to delve into clothing styles for a wide target audience. Recently, it came up with a name for its slogan which CARDWARE has placed on the right front of its jersey sweaters. It also has a boomerang symbol with the words, “Just Use It.” underneath it. The well-known athletic clothing manufacturer Nike® found out about the Cardigans use of a slogan they claim is similar to their own and now want to bring a lawsuit against CARDWARE Inc. Discuss whether or not Nike has a case. Be sure to discuss the principals associated with trademark infringement and give your opinion whether or not you think the two slogans are confusingly similar or not.

HINT: Place phrase words such as “Famous Legal Trade Dress” and “Slogan Infringement ” into your search engine for cases that may be similar so that you may help engage your peers in a lively discussion.

Question 2

“Lord Woolf’s Access to Civil Justice Report published in 1991 asserts that the civil justice system is overwhelmed. A civil dispute is costly, time consuming and extremely complex. Due to this, there is now a greater need for alternative dispute resolution (ADR)”. (The Examiner 2017).

Critically evaluate the role of ADR in supporting the function of the civil justice system.

Question 3

Select a Malaysian company; explain the existing elements of service marketing mix and discuss how these elements are being practiced in the selected company. Recommend improvements that could be made by the company’s management on its service marketing mix.

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