Clinical Practice

Purpose: To identify a problem or concern that nursing can change and develop a PICOT question to guide the change project.

Directions: Use the form below to complete the Week 2 Assignment PICOT Evidence Worksheet. This includes filling in the table with information with your narrative PICOT question, your individual PICOT elements, and the remaining sections.

Step 1:  Clearly define each PICOT element statement. List each element P (population), I (intervention), C (Comparison with other treatment/current practice), and O (Desired outcome; must include measurable metrics), T (Time Frame).

Step 2: State your PICOT question by weaving together your PICOT elements into a coherent question or statement.

Step 3: Describe the issue or problem that will be the focus of your CGE evidence-based practice change project. What have you noticed in your work or school environment that isn’t achieving the desired patient or learning outcomes? What needs to change in nursing, what can you change with the support of evidence in the literature?

Step 4: How was the practice issue identified? How did you come to know this was a problem in your clinical practice? Review the listed concerns and check all that apply.

Step 5: What terms can you use in order to make sure that your search is wide enough to obtain required information but narrow enough to keep it focused?  How will you narrow your search if needed?

PICOT Question
Define each element of the question below: P– (Patient, population, or problem): I– (Intervention): C– (Comparison with other treatment/current practice): O– (Desired outcome): T– (Time Frame):
What is the PICOT question?
What is the practice issue/problem?  What is the scope of the issue? What is the need for change?
How was the practice issue identified? (check all that apply) ___ Safety/risk management concerns ___ Unsatisfactory patient outcomes ___ Wide variations in practice ___ Significant financial concerns  ___ Difference between hospital and community practice ___ Clinical practice issue is a concern ___ Procedure or process is a time waster ___ Clinical practice issue has no scientific base ___ Other:
Search terms/How to narrow the search?  

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